Dealing with Contractor’s All Risks (C.A.R) Insurances – Coverage and Claims Issues



The region has seen an increase in large infrastructure development projects cropping up in recent years. Accordingly, the demand for Construction and Engineering-related insurances has grown steadily to cover such risks. This two day intensive course comprising lectures and case studies will enable participants to acquire sound technical knowledge of one of the main Engineering insurance classes to effectively appreciate this insurance policy and coverage. Issues of dealing with CAR claims aspects will also be addressed during this session.


This two-day course will be ideal for construction engineers, project managers, Consultants, QS and other project team members who may wish to expand their technical knowledge of this specialised contract element.


By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the scope and coverage of the Contractors’ All Risks (CAR)  policies, and describe how the various policy conditions, extensions and exclusions are applied.
  • Compare and contrast the scope and application of the Contractors’ All Risks policy vis-à-vis the Fire, as well as the Erection All Risks policies, and highlight their similarities and key differences.
  • Highlight the main claims conditions applicable to both types of policies and describe the typical claims handling process, as well as the role of the loss adjuster in dealing with complex claims.
  • Appreciate the various endorsements and clauses applicable to the class of policy.
  • Describe the steps involved in application of policy excess, salvage and “other insurance” in claims settlements.

The above will enable engineers and construction personnel to appreciate this insurance points better.


  • Overview of Engineering Insurance and types of available cover.
  • What is covered?
  • Who are the insured parties?

Contractors’ All Risks

  • Subject Matter of Coverage
  • Structure of Policy
  • Scope of Cover
  • Policy Schedule
  • Period of Cover
  • Sum Insured
  • Basis of Loss Settlement
  • General Exclusions, Special Exclusions and General Conditions
  • Common Extensions/ clauses
  • Design coverage
  • Case Studies

General Claim Issues

  • General Claims Conditions
  • Basis of Loss Settlement
  • Claims Notification
  • Loss Adjusters’ Duties
  • Claims Disputes
  • Ex-Gratia Payments
  • Case Studies and break-out sessions.


  • 30 November 2016 -1 December 2016
  • 23 -24 January 2017 (with Bahasa Translation).