Construction & Engineering Technology for Non-Engineers



This 2-day training session is intended to provide participants better understanding of the technical aspects of engineering and construction projects.

The knowledge acquired during this session will be able to guide participants in dealing with related construction issues such as finance, procurement, logistics, trading and legal.

Apart from lectures by an experienced industry specialist, case studies and discussions will be held to enhance knowledge on this subject.  There will also be an opportunity for participants to view a few interesting video clips to show a few interesting construction elements such as earth works, piling, concreting and M&E works.  These sessions will enable them to appreciate construction issues better from a practical point of view.


  • Graduates from non-engineering fields who are involved in construction projects
  • Financiers/ bankers who advise Clients on such project financing.
  • Marketing and Business Development Personnel, including Property Agents
  • Personnel in related fields such as journalism, property developers and facilities managers.
  • Anyone wishing to acquire some basic technical knowledge in the areas of Engineering and Construction, to enable them to understand better.


By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basic engineering disciplines, its techniques and construction procedures.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the design codes and methods of construction
  • Appreciate the basic technical terms used in engineering and construction sector in relation to Malaysian projects and implementation.


  • Introduction and brief on Contract details.
  • details of available insurance coverage
  • CAR, EAR, IAR, Machinery Breakdown, Civil Engineering Completed Risk, ALOP, Business Interruption Insurance
  • Completed / Ongoing Mega Projects in Malaysia/ region
  • Planning and design concepts
  • Role of Consultants and Architects, QS.
  • Types of foundation
  • Piles (Various types of Piles – Reinforced Concrete, Bored, timber etc)
  • Construction material:
    -Types (Concrete/Steel/Timber)
    -Quality (Source, Quality Control )
    -Engineering Codes.
  • Superstructure
    – Building (Office/Retail/Complex)
    – Bridges/ Flyovers
  • Sequence of Work
    – Stages (planning, design – preliminary & final, construction & completion/ hand-over)
    – Typical contracts between Contractors, Clients (FIDIC, JKR, PAM)
    – Case Studies relating to Engineering & Construction project development.
  • Video clips and group discussions.


  • 14- 15  November  2016
  • 16 – 17 January 2017 (with Bahasa Translation).

Do contact our office should you have any further questions or requirements on training needs.