Malaysia has seen an increase in large infrastructure and property development projects cropping up in recent years. More specifically land transport, railway and other building construction work is on-going while newer ones are being planned as we approach the year 2020.

We have specially designed public courses to cater for the needs of stake-holders who want to know more about various development, projects and construction details.


The first seminar is meant to educate non -construction personnel about construction issues. We are targeting finance, business and administration team members who are often “lost” when engineers use construction jargon and technical terms in the course of work.

The second course relates to construction insurance arrangements. Risk related issues have become an important element for the stake-holders undertaking such project initiatives. Accordingly, the demand for Construction and Engineering-related insurances has grown steadily to cover such risks. Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism and this component is normally not given sufficient attention by project personnel who are focused on completing the job within the specified time-line.

Key Project Information :

  • Budget for 11th Malaysia Plan RM 260 billion
  • Construction contracts under that plan is worth RM 28 billion
  • In 2015, RM 22 billion worth of construction contracts were dished out
  • High Speed Rail (KL – SG ) project estimated to cost RM 40 billion
  • Double tracking railway project (JB – Gemas) estimated to cost RM 7.1 billion

Other 2016 construction projects

  • RM 1 billion – Bus network project in Sabah
  • RM 900 million – Road improvement Jln Tun Razak, KL
  • RM 200 million – Road improvement in rural Felda land settlement
  • RM 11 billion – Town center for Cyber Jaya
  • RM7 billion – Airport town ship (Aeropolis, near KLIA)
  • RM 42 bilion – MRT for Klang Valley (On-going)
  • RM 28 billion – MRT II – Sg Buloh to Putrajaya.

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Upcoming seminars and in-house training events

  • Machinery breakdown insurance
  • Risk surveys for construction projects
  • Dealing with complex insurance claims
  • Basic principles of insurances and how they apply

Do contact our office should you have any further questions or requirements on training needs.