Our recruitment service includes permanent recruitment, temporary and contract placements. Our creative consultants are equipped with the necessary tools to obtain the right candidates for all junior- mid level roles in this category.

Executive Search

The focus would be providing the right kind of people for the job. All candidates for Executive Search would be based on Headhunting process and these positions will not be advertised. Clients are also carefully selected as to avoid hands-off policy. Being new in the market has it perks, especially when we are required to headhunt these candidates from clients’ competitors. This would allow us to cast a wider net for prospective candidates for selected clients.

Payroll Solutions

Payroll solutions are provided to small-to-medium sized companies that do not require a physical HR Department in the office. This includes streamlining client payroll processes and keeping our clients up to date with legislative and regulatory requirements. Workers compensation, deductions management and bonus payments are just a few of the functions that we can manage on our clients’ behalf.

HR Consultancies

HR Consultancies include Organizational Development, Staff Retention Program, Training Needs Analysis and Succession Planning. We will be working alongside the CEO and his executive teams
to help manage employee performance and HR issues. Our consulting services ensures that we develop appropriate strategies, as well as create a vibrant workplace culture, to achieve the company’s business objectives and secure a competitive edge. The process includes assessment, tailored performance management and development programs at every level.

Training and Educational Activities

Talent Asia has also ventured into this field to meet the demands of clients who require training assistance. We are able to tap into our adjunct lecturers or industry specialists who are willing to “teach and share their expertise” using various active learning methods.