About Us


Invest in the Gears of Growth

Talent Asia is proud to be serving the intellectual assets or what is also known as the people placement industry. Each of our team members are an established professional in their own right, with years of experience in the intellectual asset industry.

Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions that leave you free from costly employment processes such as classified ads, time and effort consuming screening of unqualified applicants, or at worst, hiring personnel that later proves to be incompatible with your company’s requirements and work culture.

So whether you are seeking to fill a middle or senior level executive position, or have an opening for a specific, top-notch professional, you will benefit from an invaluable source of diverse industry ‘know-how’, expertise and skill to ensure you hire the right candidate who can truly contribute towards gearing your business for growth.

Key advantages:

  • Expert search consultants
  • Reliable, results-oriented service
  • Professional, quality-driven system
  • Trustworthy, time-tested disciplines
  • Meticulous proprietary methodology